RAP-SL is a membership organization open to all that love nature conservation and want the wild to go wild. RAP-SL has eight categories of membership, they include:


1 Junior (Primary) Le 10,000 Per Annum
2 Student Le 15,000 Per Annum
3 Ordinary Le 25,000 Per Annum
4 Scientific Le 50,000 Per Annum
5 Honorary Le 100,000 Per Annum
6 Affliate Le 150,000 Per Annum
7 Corporate Le 200,000 Per Annum
8 International US$20 Per Annum

Membership Benefits include free access to RAP-SL Resource Center, T-Shirt, Calendar, Newsletter, Field trips, Job/Research opportunities, Photos and Internet service.

If you are interested, please download and fill the form and return to:

7 McCauley Street, Murray Town
Freetown – Sierra Leone
Tel: +23278585884, +23276645130

For further information please contact:
rapsl@rapsl.org, reptile.amphibianprogram.sl@gmail.com

We have much priority for our members when it comes to decision making, so why waste the time.

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