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USFWS Funded

"Continued Development of a Community based Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Sierra Leone"  

RAP-SL is particularly grateful to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for being the first funding organization to fund this core project. The USFWS has particularly funded sea turtle conservation efforts in Sierra Leone since 2006. Over those years, the MTCA has supported beach and by-catch monitoring, education and sensitization and community development programs. This effort is ongoing and it is hoped that RAP-SL will continue with this project until such a time when sea turtles are totally free and protected on the shores of the country, database established on both by-catch and nesting turtles, and locals are aware of the conservation status of the five sea turtles species in the country.      


 The UNDP GEF Small Grant Program has so far funded two RAP-SL's projects. The first was the survey of reptiles and amphibians of the Western Area Peninsula Forest as a pilot project for a national survey. The project ended in March 2014 with the hope of upscaling the effort to national level since there is a gap in information on reptiles and amphibians of Sierra Leone.

The second project was on Sustainable Energy and Technology Transfer to Turtle Island Communities. The project provided solar energy to two primary schools and four all-in-one desktop computers. Pupils of the schools were also provided with solar-powered lanterns for studying at home. The project particularly provided these items as  incentives for the protection of Sea Turtles in their communities. It started in May 2014 and ended in October 2014 

RAG Support

RAG is a team of Global Mobility Transformation Management Specialists that visited Sierra Leone in December 2013. RAP-SL was fortunate to hook-up with staff and they paid visit to its Turtle Island Project. As Global Mobility Transformation Management Specialists, they saw the need of helping the turtle islands schools through RAP-SL and also helping RAP-SL with education and sensitization materials. So far they have provided the primary schools with maps, posters of the solar system, exercise books, pens, pencils, blackboards, markers, rulers and many more, and also provided beach monitors with torch lights. RAG also provided RAP-SL with more materials including T-shirts and items for two primary schools in August 2014.  To know more about RAG, please visit  


The SOS has funded RAP-SL’s Continued Development of a Community based Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Sierra Leone. The project will last for 12 months and started on 1st May 2014. The overall goal of the project is to ensure that the awareness of locals about marine turtles is raised, nesting beaches and turtles are monitored and protected, and the conservation effort is extended to selected communities occurring on the shoreline towards Liberia. This will be achieved through collaboration with staff from like-minded Ministries, Environmental NGOs and community members on the ground. The expected outcome of the project include:

  • The production and distribution of Education/sensitization materials in coastal communities within the project site and beyond. 
  • The Awareness of locals raised about RAP-SL’s activities, climate change and its effect on marine turtles 
  • Harbormasters, youths and fishermen trained in collecting data on nesting and captured 
turtles in the artisanal fisheries 
  • Data collected and compiled on both nesting turtles and those caught in the artisanal fisheries, 

  • The nesting status and hatching success of turtles is determined for the Sherbro and Turners 
  • More than 500 seedlings of different economic indigenous fruit trees are planted along selected 
nesting beaches 
  • More than 2 woodlots established in coastal communities of the Sherbro and Turners Peninsula 
but away from the shore of the ocean 

This project is cofounded by the USFWS.

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