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Loss of a Sea Turtle Champion: Ibrahim Boima

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Loss of a Sea Turtle Champion: Ibrahim Boima

The Sea Turtle Conservation effort in Sierra Leone discovered Ibrahim Boima in 2009 when the project acquired its first vehicle. He was initially called upon to teach me to drive, but his

passion, desire, honesty and respect for authorities earned him a job as the project driver in 2010. During his five years with the sea turtle conservation program, Ibrahim was more than a driver.

In the field he was the cameraman and part of the data collection, education and sensitization team; he had no mercy for defaulters and no one dared mess with him on issues related to sea turtle conservation.

In the project boat, he was an apprentice and a backup boatman. In the vehicle, of course he was the boss! On the road, he was the mechanic. He cared so much for the vehicle that it always appeared new and clean to the eyes of beholders.  In town, mechanics were always amazed at his care for the project’s vehicle because unusual noise from any part would send him running to the garage for a check-up.

In the office, Ibrahim was my personal assistant; he was always there to ensure that everything was progressing smoothly—he was like the office assistant and storekeeper, always checking and ensuring that all the program equipment are intact and cautioning fellow staff members about their use and the need for keeping them clean.

His desire for helping visitors was infectious. This again made him into a receptionist. I mean, this guy was just everything to the sea turtle conservation project, including a founder member of the Reptile and Amphibian Program of Sierra Leone (RAP-SL). His loss, on the 17th August 2014, is not only to RAP-SL, but I think to the sea turtle family as a whole.  May His Soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

Edward Aruna, Founder/Managing Director, Reptile and Amphibian Program, Sierra Leone 


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