The Reptile and Amphibian Program has seen the need for education and sensitization about reptiles and amphibians in Sierra Leone as an invaluable issue since most reptiles and amphibians are killed out of fear and other human activities.

It is not clear how much impacts these human (anthropogenic) activities are creating on the population and statuses of the herp species in the country. RAP-SL hopes to conduct a massive education and sensitization campaign about the protection of reptiles and amphibians while also documenting the different species. This will help raise the awareness of locals about reptiles and amphibians and also address the issues of data availability with photos of reptiles and amphibians in the country.

RAP-SL is embarked on workshops, meetings, and seminars at all levels. We also believe that materials including Calendars, T-shirts, Billboards, Stickers, Newsletters, Brochures, Training manuals and identification guides are invaluable resources, we will not rest until these materials reach their destined people. You are welcome to contribute to this effort here.