About RAP-SL

The Reptile and Amphibian Program – Sierra Leone (RAP-SL) was conceived in April 2012 with the vision of bridging the local gap in information on Reptiles and Amphibians of Sierra Leone and implementing programs for the conservation and sustainable development through site activities that will not only benefit the biodiversity of Sierra Leone but helps improve living conditions of locals. RAP-SL came to fruition in September 2012 with a mission to document all reptile and amphibian species of Sierra Leone and promote the protection, conservation and management of Sierra Leone’s natural resources for sustainable development.

The Program was borne out of the effort of the Sea Turtle Conservation Program in Sierra Leone for over 12 years. During the 12-year period, it was observed that among the many species of reptiles in the country, only the sea turtles were somehow catered for, and thus there existed a gap in information on other reptile species and their relatives, amphibians in the country. RAP-SL hopes to debut a data base that will be readily available to all.

RAP-SL is registered as a non-profit making, non-governmental environmental organization with membership open to the general public. It has a constitution with an Executive Committee comprising seasoned environmentalists and conservationists.

The main aim of RAP-SL is to have, after a five year of field work, a comprehensive list of reptiles and amphibians of Sierra Leone, with sufficient evidence including photos, in both soft and hard copies and a developed management plan for the protection and conservation of reptiles and amphibians of Sierra Leone implemented thereafter.

Our Mission

Except for Sea Turtles, RAP-SL have realized that reptiles and amphibians are not so much studied in Sierra Leone and that majorities are within the local data deficient species group.

RAP-SL’s mission is “To document all Reptile and Amphibian Species of Sierra Leone and Promote the Protection, Conservation and Management of Sierra Leone’s Natural Resources for Sustainable Development.

Our Objectives

  1. Searching and documenting all species of reptiles and amphibians in Sierra Leone.
  2. Conducting and promoting programs on environmental education for the conservation of reptiles and amphibians of Sierra Leone.
  3. Collaborating and /or partnering with both national and international persons, organizations and programs designed to benefit wildlife and conservation work.
  4. Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and scientific information on Amphibians, Reptiles and their habitat / the environment in Sierra Leone.
We are raising the awareness of locals through capacity building programs about the species and helping in ways that will enhance their livelihoods. This we hope will bridge the gap in information about Reptiles and Amphibians of Sierra Leone and help us implement conservation and sustainable development programs through site activities that will not only benefit the biodiversity of the country but also help improve living conditions of locals.
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