It is glaringly clear that both reptiles and amphibians are facing threats from various human activities including deforestation, settlement expansion, constructions, agriculture, fear, road kill, pet and quest for protein.

The exact status of most of the species are unclear in the country and if Sierra Leone is to protect its biodiversity in totality, then there is the need for a group that will take up the aspect of documenting and developing conservation strategies for reptiles and amphibians alongside the already established species conservation and protection strategies in the country.

RAP-SL is here to bridge the gaps in information about the reptiles and amphibians, their statuses, largely campaign for their protection, debunk the beliefs and/or claims of most people about reptiles in particular, provide a base for international experts and organizations who might be interested in doing research in Sierra Leone, undertake community development programs and create a learning environment for Sierra Leoneans who might want to take up career in this field of work.

We are doing this through:

    1. Capacity Building program
    1. Research, survey and Monitoring
    1. Advocacy
    1. Community Development projects